The revolutionary i-Slots pave the way for a fantastic innovation with these amazing player interactive slot plays. Besides regular slot games, i-Slots uniquely provides the chance to actively take part in the concluding consequence of the progressing storylines. The increasing assortment of i-Slots presents extra features which have brought a new dimension to the slots entertainment and this is exclusive only on Rival Gaming casinos.

When you start playing, a short video will be shown to you giving summary of the plot and introduction of the characters. Once you have been introduced with the game rules, it is time to go in and to be a part of exciting action. For numerous i-slots, a guide or game map is attached to keep abreast of the progress of story during play. While playing, you will be offered several choices, features and scenarios based on the consequences of your spins which may impact the subsequent game play. Seek for the features which go with all slots like free spins, wilds, multipliers, scatters as well as bonus game to help you forward the game and win.

Where can you Play I-Slots?

Remember that only online casinos using rival software platform offer i-slots. So be sure that the casinos you select have got the platform. In addition to excitement, the various i-slots offer you the chance to decide on how the story will progress, and you can do it while spinning for real cash.

Every game of i-slots features a bunch of vivid characters. When you begin playing, a video will be demonstrated introducing the characters and story plot. Once you get oriented, you are geared up to fly in and show some action.

When the game unfolds, various decisions, scenarios as well as game features will be presented to you based on the marks you receive while spinning the reels. The story progression is very easy to pursue and the game includes a simply accessible map which you can see at any time during the gameplay. Seek for the standard features of Rival gaming such as scatters, bonus free spins, wilds, as these will assist you to move the game forward and win big cash.

Available i-Slots

Various i-slots are available such as 'As the reel turns', 'As the reel turns 2', 'The Gamble', 'The Reel Crime', 'The Reel Crime: Art Heist and so on. Each has got a unique theme and has respective pay lines, bonuses, free spins and many more!

You can play i-slots via iPhone, but before download the game you have to make sure enough empty space. While playing i-slots application on your iPhone, you will experience a pleasant user interface for slot machine, that accompanies read outs, excellent graphics and bet monitors.