A payline shows the way the characters are arranged on the rotating drums. The payline of the slot machine on which a bet has been made is called a working line. After the drums come to a stop, the characters which appear on the payline and the way they are arranged are compared with those on the tabulation for payment. The payment tabulation shows all the arrangements of characters for which payments will become due and also the ratio of payment. The winner gets his money if the two arrangements match each other and as per the listed payment proportion.

Every game is different from others and it is advisable for all players to read the payment tabulation, understand it, and grasp all the details before starting to play on different slot machine types. This important matter was not mentioned earlier.

Slot Machine Operation

In the old mechanically operated slot machine there used to be only a single payline because there was only a single set of characters could be shown. This is the case even now. However, online slot machines which have mostly taken over from the mechanically operated machines have five drums and thee lines of characters and each line has five characters. These new online machines have completely altered the whole scenario. Reading one side to another on a line three paylines are available. That was the arrangement to start with. With the further development of the lines being capable of read on a zig zag line, the availble paylines could be increased.The paylines available usually on most online multi-reel slot machines of recent design is five, nine, fifteen, twenty, and twenty five. Micro gaming company has produced a machine with fifty paylines and Cashapillar has produced with hundred paylines. The two models of Wagerworks Company's have fifty and sixty paylines respectively.

Multi Pay Line Machine

In General People used 3 reel and 1payline machine get confused with the multi payline machine. Their working is not very much different, except it is not very simple. To illustrate, once a payline is used to work by an insertion of coin, it is essential that the arrangement of characters for a win should appear on that payline only. If it appears on any other payline you lose.

Advatages and Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages of slot machines of multi paylines. One has to meet advantages and disadvantages while playing on multi payline machines. It has two distinct advantages. The first is the choice of paylines available for playing, this suitable for any player. He can be a first timer, greatly concerned about losing his money or a professional who bets with abandon. The second one is that you can be sure of a win; only thing you have to do is to insert coins in all the slots for every rotation of the drum. That means you are betting on all paylines that assures of a win.