Slots Myths

Similar to traditional beliefs, these stories from the past remain. Are they real or untrue?

True or just imagination stories about online slots. Over a period, stories believed to be true have increased in numbers. These stories, playing on people's propensity to imagine things, make them think they are true entirely.


If the vouchers are somewhat hot is the machine going to make a payment? This is fictional and has come out because people think that if they are in the machine for some time, it means the time has come to make a payment. All the movements including the payments are computer programmed and the payments are decided on the basis of equality of chances for all players and the consequent outcomes.

Hot Coins

This false notion grows-players resort to heating the coins to score on the machine. Some players heat the coins with which to play on the wrong notion mentioned above. Except getting burnt, there was no change. Players had to leave the casino much earlier than their plan. The fact remains that they did not win the warm coins. As already informed, results are not dependent on such external features, as they are determined by program already fed in.

Stick to the Machine

The jackpot you think yours, may go to subsequent player. This is a wrong policy. The outcomes are not planned that way. It is possible that what you fear may happen but your chances of winning were not sure, they are dependent on a number of factors. For that to happen, your timing will have to be precise.

Playing with money won as extra payments as on online machine or with credit cards at a casino will affect your winning chances adversely. This is also a wrong idea. The machine cannot differentiate between your money and money received as bonus, when you play and. Remember always that these payments are programmed already and such external consideration does not have any effect.


The casino's manager can help his friends to win by remote control of the machine. This cannot happen. The Random Number Generator (RNG) controls the machine. You can calculate your chances of winning using some basic strategy by studying at the table of payments. In certain states, the casinos will to display the percentage of payments made on each machine. In the case of online casinos, the payments are certified the auditors and they are of great help. The payments from the machine, though not in any way subjective manner have to aggregate the published percentage and from that you can determine your own chances. You cannot expect any help from outside. Unfortunately, these wrong ideas have spread to other casino games like poker, roulette etc; But, those who have succeeded, study deeply the working of the system and play without expecting any help anybody. An example is Greg Raymer.