Guaranteed Tournaments

Online casinos offer various types of slots tournaments at present and most of them are slot machine tournaments. Online Slot players contend with other players and slot machines as well in a slot competition. It is generally arranged within the same casino; however it may be arranged within a group of casinos who are using same casino software.

Participate in Online Slot Contest

Typically, the charge differs in each tournament. Two forms of slot tournaments are there- tournaments with entry fee and freerolls. The duration of the contest and the type of prizes to be given determines the entry fee. Tournaments having no entry fee are free tournaments and are known as freeroll. In each type of tournament, the players are given a predetermined quantity of credits to utilize for the competition.

What if I Deplete all my Purchased Credits?

If a player has depleted all of the paid credits, he/she can either quit the tournament or take the advantage of re-buy option to continue the tournament. The option is available in most of the online casino slot competitions, providing the players the chance to continue in the same competition without taking a pause.

Though luck is a key factor to the victory in a slot competition, concentration and speed are the two vital skills you will require most in winning the game.

As you have to use up all your credits under a definite time limitation, you have to act promptly to utilize all of them. Every victorious spin will lift up your total score. Unused credits are forgone and this will put you back foot as you failed to perform so many spins like your competitors. To boost your speed, place the fingers on the switch of spin and softly hit it. By placing the fingers on the button, you will be able to save some split of seconds which would have been lost by lifting the hand off the switch.


While playing, you have to concentrate deeply. At the time of adding the victorious credits to your total score, the machine will not spin. If you experience a large win, the machine will take some seconds to tally the credits. You can breathe at that time but you have to be ready to begin tapping as early as the adding is finished. Don't be perturbed or waste time to celebrate a big hit. In a tournament, once I saw a young lady kept hollering and jumping up each time she got a big win. But at the end of the time, she managed to play only half of her credits.


While playing, you must not look around to compare your scores with other players though you may feel curious. This can impact your scores badly. The common slot contest tactics is to play quick, have concentration and enjoy the game.